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Lift Maintenance Resource Guide

Lift maintenance is a critical function for every ski area and while there are many reasons to properly maintain your lifts, guest and employee safety are primary. To help ski areas address this critical aspect of their operation, NSAA has developed the NSAA Lift Maintenance Training Resource Guide (LMTRG) with the intent to help ski areas of all sizes develop and structure training programs for their lift maintenance staff. This guide does not speak to how maintenance is to be performed, rather it outlines the spectrum of knowledge, skills and abilities that lift maintenance personnel should possess. Some knowledge and skills outlined in this resource guide may or may not be required for Lift Maintenance Technicians (LMTs) at your area. The types of equipment, staff capabilities or management discretion may call for outsourcing of particular tasks.

The NSAA Lift Maintenance Training Resource Guide is not intended to create standards for operations, mandate how staff is to be trained or dictate how a ski area should operate. This document only contains informational guidelines that should be modified or adapted for your specific ski area’s use and may be revised or withdrawn at any time. Deviation from the enclosed considerations may be dictated by the circumstances of each unique situation and by the policies, procedures and protocols of the individual ski area. The general information and opinions expressed in the Lift Maintenance Training Resource Guide are not intended or should be construed as legal advice. Ski areas should work with their own experienced legal counsel, including those licensed in their jurisdiction to advise them on legal issues that may impact matters specific to their resort.

This guide or parts thereof may not be reproduced or further disseminated in any way without the express written consent of the National Ski Areas Association.

For a complete draft of the Lift Maintenance Resource Guide click HERE .

Use the links below to download the current edited chapters of the Lift Maintenance Training Resource Guide.

Please note: The documents linked below are not the full contents of the resource guide. The rest of the content is currently being edited and will be available for download as it is completed.

Lift Maintenance Education

NSAA has two free lift maintenance education programs for its members. Learn more about the classes that will elevate your maintenance department this season.

CMC Online Program  Lift Maintenance Series