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Sustainable Slopes Consortium – Expert Panel to Discuss Considerations in Installing Solar and Energy Storage at Ski Areas. Listen in as a group of solar & energy storage experts explain the risks and rewards of installing solar and/or storage at ski areas. The panel will cover the economic feasibility of solar and storage, including construction, weather, legal, financing and insurance considerations in making business decisions regarding sustainable energy projects. Panelists draw on their experience in planning and financing solar and storage projects and share lessons from companies already adopting the next generation of clean-energy efficiency technologies to implement their sustainable energy goals. Click here to learn more.
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Storage & Safety. Learn more about this unique storage solution that is a must have capital improvement so your restaurants can re-open this season to generate much needed revenue. Sneeze-guards can be added for customer protection which will enable you to maximize seating. Clutter™ Baskets are mounted above tables and counters so customers have a place for their gear, thus keeping them clear for food and drinks. Click here to learn more.
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OPTIMIZE TO REDUCE COSTS. During this unprecedented time, every penny counts. Via PRINOTH’s presentation, learn how considerable savings can be obtained by efficiently monitoring snow grooming activities. Click here to learn more. 
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